component name: uni-pagination

Code block: uPagination

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Pager component, used to display page numbers, request data, etc.

# introduce

# Basic usage

<uni-pagination title="标题文字" total="20"></uni-pagination>
<uni-pagination title="标题文字" show-icon="true" total="50" current="2"></uni-pagination>


# Pagination Props

property name type default value description
prevText String Previous page left button text
nextText String Next page Right button text
value/v-model Number 1 Current Page
current Number 1 Current page, higher priority than value
total Number 0 Total data
pageSize Number 10 Data size per page
showIcon Boolean false Whether to show the button as an icon

# Pagination Events

Event Name Description Return Value
@change Triggered when the page number button is clicked e={type,current} current is the current page, and the type value is: next/prev, indicating whether the previous page or the next page is clicked

# example


The example relies on multiple components such as uni-card uni-section uni-scss, copying the example code directly will not work properly.

Please go to the Component download page , select Import sample project using HBuilderX on the right side of the page to experience the complete component example.




		<uni-card is-full :is-shadow="false">
			<text class="uni-h6">分页器组件,用于展示页码、请求数据等</text>
		<uni-section title="默认样式" type="line" padding>
			<uni-pagination :total="50" title="标题文字" />
		<uni-section title="修改按钮文字" subTitle="使用 prev-text / next-text 属性修改按钮文字" type="line" padding>
			<uni-pagination :total="50" title="标题文字" prev-text="前一页" next-text="后一页" />
		<uni-section title="图标样式" subTitle="使用 show-icon 属性显示图标按钮" type="line" padding>
			<uni-pagination :show-icon="true" :total="50" title="标题文字" />
		<uni-section title="修改数据长度" type="line" padding>
			<uni-pagination :current="current" :total="total" title="标题文字" :show-icon="true" @change="change" />
			<view class="btn-view">
					<text class="example-info">当前页:{{ current }},数据总量:{{ total }}条,每页数据:{{ pageSize }}</text>
				<view class="btn-flex">
					<button class="button word-btn" hover-class="word-btn--hover" :hover-start-time="20"
						:hover-stay-time="70" @click="add"><text class="word-btn-white">增加10条数据</text></button>
					<button class="button" type="default" @click="reset">重置数据</button>

Complete example demo