# uni-icons 图标

组件名:uni-icons(已支持 uni-app x)

Code block: uIcons

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Used to display the icon icon .

# introduce

# Basic usage

<uni-icons type="contact" size="30"></uni-icons>

# Icon example

Click to copy icon type

复制成功 arrow-down
复制成功 arrow-left
复制成功 arrow-right
复制成功 arrow-up
复制成功 down
复制成功 left
复制成功 right
复制成功 up
复制成功 auth
复制成功 auth-filled
复制成功 calendar
复制成功 calendar-filled
复制成功 camera
复制成功 camera-filled
复制成功 cart
复制成功 cart-filled
复制成功 chat
复制成功 chat-filled
复制成功 chatboxes
复制成功 chatboxes-filled
复制成功 chatbubble
复制成功 chatbubble-filled
复制成功 checkbox
复制成功 checkbox-filled
复制成功 circle
复制成功 circle-filled
复制成功 clear
复制成功 close
复制成功 checkmarkempty
复制成功 closeempty
复制成功 cloud-download
复制成功 cloud-download-filled
复制成功 cloud-upload
复制成功 cloud-upload-filled
复制成功 color
复制成功 color-filled
复制成功 contact
复制成功 contact-filled
复制成功 download
复制成功 download-filled
复制成功 email
复制成功 email-filled
复制成功 eye
复制成功 eye-filled
复制成功 eye-slash
复制成功 eye-slash-filled
复制成功 fire
复制成功 fire-filled
复制成功 flag
复制成功 flag-filled
复制成功 folder-add
复制成功 folder-add-filled
复制成功 gear
复制成功 gear-filled
复制成功 gift
复制成功 gift-filled
复制成功 hand-down
复制成功 hand-down-filled
复制成功 hand-up
复制成功 hand-up-filled
复制成功 heart
复制成功 heart-filled
复制成功 help
复制成功 help-filled
复制成功 home
复制成功 home-filled
复制成功 image
复制成功 image-filled
复制成功 images
复制成功 images-filled
复制成功 info
复制成功 info-filled
复制成功 location
复制成功 location-filled
复制成功 locked
复制成功 locked-filled
复制成功 mail-open
复制成功 mail-open-filled
复制成功 map
复制成功 map-filled
复制成功 map-pin
复制成功 map-pin-ellipse
复制成功 medal
复制成功 medal-filled
复制成功 mic
复制成功 mic-filled
复制成功 micoff
复制成功 micoff-filled
复制成功 minus
复制成功 minus-filled
复制成功 more
复制成功 more-filled
复制成功 navigate
复制成功 navigate-filled
复制成功 notification
复制成功 notification-filled
复制成功 paperplane
复制成功 paperplane-filled
复制成功 person
复制成功 person-filled
复制成功 personadd
复制成功 personadd-filled
复制成功 phone
复制成功 phone-filled
复制成功 plus
复制成功 plus-filled
复制成功 redo
复制成功 redo-filled
复制成功 refresh
复制成功 refresh-filled
复制成功 refreshempty
复制成功 reload
复制成功 settings
复制成功 settings-filled
复制成功 shop
复制成功 shop-filled
复制成功 smallcircle
复制成功 smallcircle-filled
复制成功 sound
复制成功 sound-filled
复制成功 staff
复制成功 staff-filled
复制成功 trash
复制成功 trash-filled
复制成功 tune
复制成功 tune-filled
复制成功 undo
复制成功 undo-filled
复制成功 upload
复制成功 upload-filled
复制成功 videocam
复制成功 videocam-filled
复制成功 vip
复制成功 vip-filled
复制成功 wallet
复制成功 wallet-filled
复制成功 back
复制成功 forward
复制成功 bars
复制成功 compose
复制成功 font
复制成功 headphones
复制成功 link
复制成功 list
复制成功 loop
复制成功 paperclip
复制成功 plusempty
复制成功 pulldown
复制成功 weixin
复制成功 weibo
复制成功 pyq
复制成功 qq
复制成功 scan
复制成功 search
复制成功 spinner-cycle
复制成功 star
复制成功 star-filled
复制成功 starhalf


# Icons Props

property name type default value description
size Number 24 Icon Size
type String - Icon pattern, reference example
color String - 图标颜色
customPrefix[即将废弃] String - 自定义图标
fontFamily String - 自定义图标 2.0.0+支持

# Icons Events

Event Name Description Return Value
@click Click Icon to trigger event -

# 通过 fontFamily 自定义图标

  1. 引入字体图标
  2. 页面 style 中定义 font-family 属性,并正确引入字体
@font-face {
	font-family: CustomFont;
	src: url('./iconfont.ttf');
  1. 组件声明 fontFamily 属性,值为 步骤2 的 font-family ,此时组件的 type 属性将不生效
  2. 组件内需要使用字体的 unicode 码作为图标显示内容
<uni-icons fontFamily="CustomFont" :size="26">{{'\uebc6'}}</uni-icons>

  1. 方便使用扩展,推荐将 unicode 与显示内容做一个map映射
<view class="icon-content">
	<view v-for="(item,index) in customIcons" :key="index">
		<uni-icons fontFamily="CustomFont" >{{item.unicode}}</uni-icons>
export default {
	data() {
		return {
			icons: [],
			customIcons: [
					name: "home",
					unicode: "\ue601",
					name: "my",
					unicode: "\ue6ba",
					name: "back",
					unicode: "\ue634",
	created() {},
@font-face {
	font-family: CustomFont;
	src: url('./iconfont.ttf');

# 通过 customPrefix 自定义图标 (即将废弃)


The nvue page does not support custom icons temporarily. If you want to use it in nvue, please import the font file yourself

uni-icons has included icons commonly used in daily development, but due to volume problems, it is impossible to add new icons indefinitely, so uni-icons also provides an extension method.

Customize icons using custom-prefix and type attributes

<uni-icons custom-prefix="custom-icon" type="icon-youxi" size="30"></uni-icons>

# Get icon

All the following instructions are based on Ali Icon Library for expansion, the same is true for other icon libraries, you can easily expand if you understand the principle

  1. 访问 阿里图标库,搜索图标并加入购物车: 搜索图标

  2. Click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page, and click 'Add to project'. If there is no project, you need to click the icon in the second step in the figure below to add a project directory. If there is an existing project, you can skip the second step and select the project. Click OK:


  1. 确定后进入项目,点击项目设置 ,对图标库进行一些设置: 编辑项目

  2. 项目名称和项目描述根据自己需求填写, fontClass 是图标的前缀 ,需要传入组件type属性,fontFamily 是图标集名称,需要传入组件custom-prefix 属性,字体格式可以只勾选 ttf: 设置项目

  3. 点击保存后 ,可以下载图库库到本地: 下载图标库

  4. 下载解压后,需要用到的文件暂时有两个 iconfont.cssiconfont.ttf: 解压

  5. Put iconfont.ttf and iconfont.css in the project root directory static.

  6. Open iconfont.css, modify @font-face as follows, pay attention to whether the reference path of the src font file is correct:

    @font-face {
    	font-family: "iconfont"; 
    	src: url('/static/iconfont.ttf') format('truetype');
    .iconfont {
      font-family: "iconfont" !important;
      font-size: 16px;
    .icon-search:before {
      content: "\e65c";

Through the above operations, now get a customizable icon library,

# Using custom icons on vue pages

In the App.vue in the project root directory, import the above iconfont.css, pay attention to the path where you store it, and the external style imported through @import needs to be written in the most effective content of the style tag. Front

<!-- App.vue -->
@import "@/static/iconfont.css";

Customize icons using custom-prefix and type attributes

<uni-icons custom-prefix="iconfont" type="icon-search" size="30"></uni-icons>

Note: Multi-color icons are still not supported because the font is still used in essence.