component name: uni-goods-nav

Code block: uGoodsNav

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# introduce

# Basic usage

	<uni-goods-nav :fill="true"  :options="options" :buttonGroup="buttonGroup"  @click="onClick" @buttonClick="buttonClick" />

export default {
	data () {
	  return {
	    options: [{
			icon: 'headphones',
			text: '客服'
		}, {
			icon: 'shop',
			text: '店铺',
			info: 2,
		}, {
			icon: 'cart',
			text: '购物车',
			info: 2
	    buttonGroup: [{
	      text: '加入购物车',
	      backgroundColor: '#ff0000',
	      color: '#fff'
	      text: '立即购买',
	      backgroundColor: '#ffa200',
	      color: '#fff'
	methods: {
	  onClick (e) {
	      title: `点击${e.content.text}`,
	      icon: 'none'
	  buttonClick (e) {


# GoodsNav Props

property name type default value description
options Array - Component Parameters
buttonGroup Array - Component button group parameters
fill Boolean false Whether the button is tiled

options parameter description:

property name type default value description
text String - Display text
icon String icon, reference
info Number 0 Number in the upper right corner
infoBackgroundColor String #ff0000 Corner background color
infoColor String #fff Corner Foreground Color

buttonGroup parameter description:

property name type default value description
text String - Button Text
backgroundColor String - Button background color
color String - Font Color

# GoodsNav Events

Event Name Description Return Value
@click left click event e = {index,content}
@buttonClick Right button group click event e = {index,content}

# example


The example relies on multiple components such as uni-card uni-section uni-scss, copying the example code directly will not work properly.

Please go to the Component download page , select Import sample project using HBuilderX on the right side of the page to experience the complete component example.




	<view class="uni-container">
		<uni-card is-full>
			<text class="uni-h6"> uni-goods-nav 组件主要用于电商类应用底部导航,可自定义加入购物车,购买等操作</text>
		<uni-section title="基础用法" type="line">
			<uni-goods-nav @click="onClick" />
		<uni-section title="自定义用法" type="line">
			<uni-goods-nav :fill="true" :options="options" :button-group="customButtonGroup" @click="onClick"
				@buttonClick="buttonClick" />
			<uni-goods-nav :fill="true" :options="options" :button-group="customButtonGroup1" @click="onClick"
				@buttonClick="buttonClick" style="margin-top: 20px;" />
		<view class="goods-carts">
			<uni-goods-nav :options="options" :fill="true" :button-group="buttonGroup" @click="onClick"
				@buttonClick="buttonClick" />


Complete example demo