component name: uni-indexed-list

Code block: uIndexedList

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Used to display the index list.

# introduce

# Basic usage

<uni-indexed-list :options="list" :showSelect="false" @click="bindClick"></uni-indexed-list>


# IndexedList Props

property name type default value description
options Object - Data object required for index list
showSelect Boolean - Display mode, true is the default display, false is the selection mode, the default is false

options data format description

	"letter": "A",
	"data": [
}, {
	"letter": "B",
	"data": [

# IndexedList Events

Event Name Description Return Value
click Click list event, return the event object of the currently selected item -

# example


The example relies on multiple components such as uni-card uni-section uni-scss, copying the example code directly will not work properly.

Please go to the Component download page, select Import sample project using HBuilderX on the right side of the page to experience the complete component example.




	<uni-indexed-list :options="list" :show-select="true" @click="bindClick" />

Complete example demo