component name: uni-fav

Code block: uFav

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For the collection function, you can click to switch the selected and unselected states.

# introduce

# Basic usage

<uni-fav :checked="checked" @click="onClick"/>
<uni-fav :checked="checked" class="favBtn" circle="true" bgColor="#dd524d" bgColorChecked="#007aff" @click="onClick"/>


# Fav Props

property name type default value description
star Boolean true Does the button have a star
bgColor String #eeeeee Background color when not bookmarked
bgColorChecked String #007aff Background color when bookmarked
fgColor String #666666 Text color when not bookmarked
fgColorChecked String #FFFFFF Text color when bookmarked
circle Boolean false Whether it is rounded
checked Boolean false Is it Favorite
contentText Object {contentDefault: 'Favorite',contentFav: 'Favorite'} Favorite button text

# Fav Events

Event Name Description Return Value
click Click the fav button to trigger the event -

# example


The example relies on multiple components such as uni-card uni-section uni-scss, copying the example code directly will not work properly.

Please go to the Component download page, select Import sample project using HBuilderX on the right side of the page to experience the complete component example.




	<view class="container">
		<uni-card is-full :is-shadow="false">
			<text class="uni-h6">用于收藏功能,可点击切换选中、不选中的状态。</text>
		<uni-section title="基本用法" type="line">
			<view class="example-body">
				<uni-fav :checked="checkList[0]" class="favBtn" @click="favClick(0)" />
				<uni-fav :checked="checkList[1]" :star="false" class="favBtn" @click="favClick(1)" />
				<uni-fav :checked="checkList[2]" class="favBtn" :circle="true" bg-color="#dd524d"
					bg-color-checked="#007aff" fg-color="#ffffff" fg-color-checked="#ffffff" @click="favClick(2)" />
				<uni-fav :checked="checkList[3]" class="favBtn" bg-color="#f8f8f8" bg-color-checked="#eeeeee"
					fg-color="#333333" fg-color-checked="#333333" @click="favClick(3)" />

		<uni-section title="自定义文字" type="line">
			<view class="example-body">
				<uni-fav :checked="checkList[4]" :content-text="contentText" @click="favClick(4)" />

		<uni-section title="在自定义导航栏使用" type="line">
			<uni-nav-bar style="width: 100%;" :fixed="false" left-icon="arrowleft" title="标题" color="#333333"
				<template v-slot:right>
					<uni-fav :checked="checkList[5]" :circle="true" @click="favClick(5)" />
		<view class="example-body example-body-fullWidth">


Complete example demo