# uniCloud case

**There are many cases of uniCloud, and there are currently tens of thousands of active service spaces. Cloud functions are called over 100 million times a day. **

The following are plugin marketplace projects or open source examples that use uniCloud. You are welcome to submit plug-ins or open source projects, and you can edit this document directly in pr mode.

  • Shell Reading Integrate check-in, lottery, gold coin points and a variety of fun incentive games, free reading, and advertising realization. The Bookstore system can be deployed independently or integrated into any main traffic APP as a plug-in.
  • 鲸鱼解忧馆 一个通过交流与诉说以消除烦恼的平台。 Our wish is that every user can get answers and responses after writing their troubles here, and find people and groups who have the same troubles as themselves. Maybe the response will not be so quick, but there will always be a warm reply. Isn't the answer something to look forward to? Maybe the "answer" is not so "accurate" because people's psychology and personality are different. But our original intention is to guide you out of the walls of your heart. A slow social light community that understands you without too many words.
  • uni-starter A basic project template for rapid development of cloud-integrated applications that integrates common functions of a large number of commercial projects.
  • Synthetic online earning game This online earning game is a synthetic project based on uni-app, uniCloud, and uni-AD. The source code and documentation is completely open. Main functions of the game: Players earn gold coins by signing in and other methods, use gold coins to buy low-level cats and then synthesize them into higher-level cats. When the gold coins are insufficient, you can get new gold coins by watching rewarded video ads. Players invite friends to raise cats together, watch incentive videos offline, and inviters can get incentive red envelopes.
  • Guessing songs online earning game This game is a small game developed based on uni-app, uniCloud and uni-AD. Advertise to earn cash rewards. Open source code and open documentation. Main functions of the game: Players can directly obtain cash rewards by guessing songs, doing tasks, etc. Players can obtain gold coin rewards by guessing songs, opening red envelopes, and doing tasks. When the gold coins accumulate to a certain amount, they can be exchanged for cash. Players can get the number of cash draws by doing tasks with the word "draw". Support dual platform realization of App and WeChat applet.
  • Guess the word puzzle This game is based on the revision of the song guessing online earning game, the code is open source, the document is open, and it supports dual platform realization of App and WeChat applet .
  • Russian Fishing Collection (WeChat applet), Russian Fishing 4 game assistant, game guide, real-time points, game database, game circle, etc.

  • Hello uniCloud: In HBuilderX 2.6+ version, there is a hello unicloud template in the project template of the new uni-app project, showing the cloud of uniCloud Basic usage of functions and usage of cdn. Its corresponding H5 demo address is: https://hellounicloud.m3w.cn/

  • Summary of uni Anti-epidemic Open Source Projects: This is a project collection summary, which contains a large number of open source projects related to anti-epidemic projects, all based on uniCloud. Including foreign personnel registration system, student health reporting system, employee epidemic screening tools, disinfection inspection registration system, material management system, etc. These items are versatile and can be adapted for other industry applications.

  • Guoyun Mall: Excellent e-commerce system, buy this system and quickly launch your own e-commerce application.

  • Cloud Mall: A complete online supermarket, matching the nearest warehouse according to the current positioning.

  • Paper Pond Wallpaper: A small program for beautiful wallpapers. WeChat applet search "Paper Pond Wallpaper PRO"

  • Paper Pond Diary: A simple and elegant diary. iOS App, Android App

  • Step Movement: An App for local sports events in Anhui. iOS App, Android App

  • Yuesao is amazing: an order-taking and learning platform for mother and child caregivers and baby caregivers. Wechat applet search for "yuesao is amazing"

  • OYAN Audiobook: Audio FM applet for foreign language books. Wechat applet search "OYAN audiobook"

  • Joy Learning Classroom: Efficient study and certification. Support iOS, Android App and applet multi-terminal connection to uniCloud, see details

  • Lemon Fun Quiz: Psychological personality test. Wechat applet search "lemon fun test", QQ applet search "lemon test"

  • Small forest collection: wallpaper, skin applet. WeChat applet search "Small Forest Collection"

  • MOODA Mood Diary: Record your mood anytime, anywhere. WeChat applet search "MOODA mood diary"

  • Liuzhou People's Hospital Epidemiological Survey Form: Small Program for Survey Registration. Wechat applet search "Liuzhou People's Hospital Epidemiological Questionnaire"

  • Remember to-do with peace of mind: a minimalist mobile phone application. Schedule management app, daily mood record, and peace of mind to develop habits. iOS App

For more uniClouid projects and plug-ins, see Plug-in Market: https://ext.dcloud.net.cn/?cat1=7

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