# Full Screen Video Ads

A full-screen video ad is a native component with a higher level than normal components. A new instance of a full-screen video ad is returned each time it is created. It is hidden by default and needs to be displayed by calling FullScreenVideoAd.show() .

How to activate reference rewarded video ads https://uniapp.dcloud.net.cn/api/a-d/rewarded-video

Platform Difference Description

App H5 微信小程序 支付宝小程序 百度小程序 抖音小程序 QQ小程序 快应用 360小程序 快手小程序 京东小程序
√(3.4.8+) x x x x x x x x x x
  • The advertising sources on the app side are provided by Tencent Youlianghui, Toutiao Pangolin, Kuaishou and other advertising alliances, and DCloud is responsible for the aggregation
  • The advertisement on the applet is provided by the applet platform

Activate configuration advertisement

Details of the steps to activate advertising

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