# progress

Progress bar.

Attribute description

property name type default value description platform difference description
percent Number None Percent 0~100
show-info Boolean false Display percentage on the right side of the progress bar
border-radius Number/String 0 Round size app-nvue, WeChat basic library 2.3.1+, QQ applet, Kuaishou applet, Jingdong applet
font-size Number/String 16 The right percentage font size app-nvue, WeChat basic library 2.3.1+, QQ applet, Jingdong applet
stroke-width Number 6 Width of progress bar, in px
activeColor Color #09BB07 (Baidu is #E6E6E6) Selected progress bar color
backgroundColor Color #EBEBEB Color of the unselected progress bar
active Boolean false Animation of progress bar from left to right
active-mode String backwards backwards: The animation is broadcast from the beginning; forwards: The animation is broadcast from the last end point App, H5, WeChat applet, QQ applet, Kuaishou applet, Jingdong applet
duration Number 30 The number of milliseconds required to increase the progress by 1% App-nvue2.6.1+, WeChat basic library 2.8.2+, H5 3.1.11+, App-Vue 3.1.11+, Kuaishou applet, Jingdong applet
@activeend EventHandle Animation completion event WeChat applet, Jingdong applet

Example View demo

The following sample code comes from the hello uni-app project. It is recommended to use HBuilderX to create a new uni-app project and choose the hello uni-app template to directly experience the complete example.




<!-- This example does not include the complete css, please refer to the above to obtain the external css. View it in the hello uni-app project -->
		<view class="uni-padding-wrap uni-common-mt">
			<view class="progress-box">
				<progress :percent="pgList[0]" show-info stroke-width="3" />
			<view class="progress-box">
				<progress :percent="pgList[1]" stroke-width="3" />
				<uni-icons type="close" class="progress-cancel" color="#dd524d"></uni-icons>
			<view class="progress-box">
				<progress :percent="pgList[2]" stroke-width="3" />
			<view class="progress-box">
				<progress :percent="pgList[3]" activeColor="#10AEFF" stroke-width="3" />
			<view class="progress-control">
				<button type="primary" @click="setProgress">设置进度</button>
				<button type="warn" @click="clearProgress">清除进度</button>
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