It is recommended that the first step is to read the introduction of the homepage of uni-app official website.

It is recommended that the second step is to experience uni-app for yourself through Quick Start.

It is recommended that the third step is to read the "uni-app official course", producer: DCloud, class time: a total of 3 sessions.

# If you are familiar with h5, but not with vue and MiniApp

  1. After reading this vernacular uni-app
  2. DCloud cooperates with vue to provide free video tutorials on the vue.js official website, and you can also go directly to the tutorial address:
  3. There is no need to learn the syntax of the MiniApp. uni-app uses the syntax of Vue, not the syntax of the MiniApp.

# If you are familiar with MiniApp, but not with vue

Refer to the tripartite summary

# Three-party training institution video

At present, major video learning websites have many uni-app learning resources:

The following is the video tutorial of the tripartite professional training institution

If you are an offline training institution and want to start a course cooperation, contact

More people are welcome to share their learning experience, which can be reprinted to Community. Excellent articles will be included in this article.

# uniCloud learning materials

Master uniCloud, advanced full stack, see:

# The management rules of each end need to be learned patiently

uni-app is not difficult to learn, but we noticed that many newcomers are impatient when adapting to the constraints of each platform.

For each end, there are management rules for each end, which is not something that uni-app can smooth out on a technical level:

  • For example, the browser on the H5 side has cross-domain restrictions;
  • For example, the WeChat MiniApp will require HTTPS links, and all server domain names to be connected to the Internet must be assigned to the WeChat whitelist;
  • For example, on the App side, iOS is very strict on privacy control and virtual payment control;
  • For example, various compatibility differences between App, Android, and domestic roms, especially because Google services are blocked, resulting in the development of push, positioning and other chaotic pits;

Being patient and not impatient is not the only factor for success, but it is the foundation for your long-term technical journey.

# uni-app's underlying framework implementation principle and optimization strategy (advanced)

Through evaluation comparison,we know that the performance of uni-app is better than other MiniApp development frameworks, but what is the underlying principle? This video is to explain the underlying implementation ideas and optimization strategies of the uni-app framework: How to achieve high performance in the uni-app framework