The purpose of the uni.scss file is to facilitate the overall control of the style of the application. For example, for button color and border style, a batch of scss variable presets are preset in the uni.scss file.

uni-app official extension plugin (uni ui) and many third-party plugins on Plugin Market use these style variables. If you are a plugin developer, It is recommended that you use scss preprocessing and use these variables directly in the plug-in code (no need to import this file), so that users can develop apps with the same overall style by building blocks.

uni.scss is a special file, you can use the style variables here in the scss code without importing this file in the code. The compiler of uni-app specially handles this uni.scss in the webpack configuration, so that each scss file is injected into this uni.scss to achieve a globally available effect. If developers want to use less and stylus globally, they need to configure their own webpack strategy in vue.config.js.


  1. If these common variables are to be used, scss plug-in should be installed in HBuilderX;
  2. When using it, you need to add lang="scss" to the style node.
<style lang="scss">
  1. pages.json does not support scss, and only js api can be used for dynamic modification of native navigation bar and tabbar.

The following are the relevant variables of uni.scss:

/* 颜色变量 */

/* 行为相关颜色 */
$uni-color-primary: #007aff;
$uni-color-success: #4cd964;
$uni-color-warning: #f0ad4e;
$uni-color-error: #dd524d;

/* 文字基本颜色 */
$uni-text-color-placeholder: #808080;

/* 背景颜色 */
$uni-bg-color-mask:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4);//遮罩颜色

/* 边框颜色 */

/* 尺寸变量 */

/* 文字尺寸 */

/* 图片尺寸 */

/* Border Radius */
$uni-border-radius-sm: 4rpx;
$uni-border-radius-base: 6rpx;
$uni-border-radius-lg: 12rpx;
$uni-border-radius-circle: 50%;

/* 水平间距 */
$uni-spacing-row-sm: 10px;
$uni-spacing-row-base: 20rpx;
$uni-spacing-row-lg: 30rpx;

/* 垂直间距 */
$uni-spacing-col-sm: 8rpx;
$uni-spacing-col-base: 16rpx;
$uni-spacing-col-lg: 24rpx;

/* 透明度 */
$uni-opacity-disabled: 0.3; // 组件禁用态的透明度

/* 文章场景相关 */
$uni-color-title: #2C405A; // 文章标题颜色
$uni-color-subtitle: #555555; // 二级标题颜色
$uni-color-paragraph: #3F536E; // 文章段落颜色
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