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Currently needs to be compiled by platform

  • WeChat Mini Program: Specification Details
  • 支付宝小程序:规范详情
  • 抖音小程序:规范详情
  • QQ Mini Program: Specification Details
  • App:
    • App's js runs in an independent jscore. If you need to run js in another thread, you can use the web-view component or renderjs. Such js runs in webview, and the js in jscore is two threads. But note that the js between multiple webviews is a process, and when using the js in the webview, it will affect the rendering of the view layer.
    • In addition, the plug-in market also has native plug-ins for multi-threading, [see](https://ext.dcloud.net.cn/search?q=%E5%A4%9A%E7%BA%BF%E7%A8% 8B)
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