# interactive game

# Introduction

Interactive games are DCloud and third-party service providers to provide developers with new value-added services for advertising scenarios. The developer places the entrance in the App, and the user clicks the entrance to participate in the equity and interesting activities. Accelerate your benefits by watching rewarded video ads. An immersive gaming experience can reduce resistance to ads, increase the display of rewarded video ads, and effectively increase ad revenue.

# Active scene type:

There are three types of scenarios: lottery, game, and development. Developers can choose the type of activity according to their own situation:

  1. Sweepstakes activities: obtain prize fragments or red envelopes through sweepstakes such as turntable, gashapon, and dice shaking
  2. Game activities: get gold coins or red envelopes through synthetic games, idiom answering, fishing and other gameplay
  3. Cultivation activities: long-term activities such as orchards, farms, and cattle raising. Users can improve the level of the cultivation objects through continuous check-in, item collection, task system and other gameplay. After upgrading, they can get red envelopes or exchange prizes

# Activity classification table

activity classification Event name Give out rewards activity cycle Whether to support the integration of points
lottery set fragment multiple prizes
money printing machine cash
gashapon machine multiple prizes
game Monopoly cash 7 days support
Idiom big winner cash
Synthetic Lucky Cat cash
fishing expert cash long Added support
cultivate Blessed Bull cash
orchard fruit
farm cash
chicken raising cash
walk to earn cash 7 days support

Note: If you want to select the corresponding activity, please fill in the corresponding activity name into the ad slot name when creating an interactive game ad slot. It cannot be modified after creation. If you need to modify it, please email uniad@dcloud.io

# Instructions on Reward Distribution

The purpose of interactive games is to attract users to participate in activities, guide users to watch advertisements, obtain rewards through activities, and issue rewards to users after meeting certain conditions. There are currently two ways to issue rewards. One is that DCloud and third-party service providers provide developers with offline distribution of user rewards; the other is that developers connect with the app's own points system to convert user rewards into app points to increase user Engagement and experience.

# User reward offline service

By default, the offline proxy service of user rewards is used, and the details are as follows:

  1. When the user participates in the above activities and reaches a certain amount of assets (the reward fragments or gold coins reach the exchange threshold, and the red envelope amount reaches the withdrawal threshold), they can initiate a redemption application. If the user applies for cash withdrawal, he needs to fill in the Alipay or WeChat account for the payment; if the user applies to exchange virtual or physical prizes, he needs to fill in the contact information and delivery address, etc.;
  2. After the user submits the application for redemption, the customer service will confirm it within 5 working days, and will deliver the prize as soon as possible after confirmation.
  3. If physical prizes (fresh fruits, etc.) cannot be sent temporarily due to seasonal problems, epidemic areas, or remote areas such as Xinjiang and Tibet, customer service will contact the user to present a cash reward equal to the value of the prize.
  4. After the physical prize is distributed, please receive the goods within 24 hours for express delivery. If there is any quality problem, please apply for after-sales within 48 hours after signing. No compensation will be made beyond the time limit.
  5. Users are not allowed to use any plug-ins, plug-ins and other methods that violate the rules of the activity and violate the principle of fairness to participate in this activity, otherwise the service provider has the right to disqualify the user from participating in the activity and clear the rewards obtained.

# User rewards for docking app points

The integration of points requires the connection between the developer's business system and the interactive games of the third-party service providers, which requires a certain amount of development work. Please email uniad@dcloud.io

Platform Difference Description

App H5 微信小程序 支付宝小程序 百度小程序 抖音小程序、飞书小程序 QQ小程序 快手小程序 京东小程序
App 3.1.15+ x x x x x x x x

Activate configuration advertisement

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